Preferring to let his music speak for him, Greenswood is an artist who isn’t keen on celebrity or self adulation. He just wants to play and be heard. With a unique voice, his music narrates emotional struggles and hardship, both his own and those of his kith and kin.

Its very hard to pigeon hole Greenswood into a style however could be described most closely as “dark edge folk” or acoustic alternative . He is a contemporary artist drawing inspiration from folk, heavy metal, bluegrass and more  but adds facets, uniquely his own. Lyrically somber, he delves into emotion and unashamedly doesn’t pretty things up for anyone.

His partner in every song is his beloved left handed acoustic guitar, whom is able to withstand his pain and his happiest moments and whom is able to coax out his passionate strumming and the gentle, alluring fingering that gives his songs their bitter sweet flavour.

His debut EP Blood On My Hands was a process of writing and experimenting with recording styles until, with the help of two vastly different producers, Anthony Lycenko and Mat Fell he was able to bring all the elements together to create what he calls “something to leave behind for my kids”. His intention – that they (and others), may get to know him on a deeper level through his music and understand him a little better.

The track River of Blood was inspired by the massacre of the same name, upon the Bundjalung aboriginal people in Evans Head in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The loss of life, culture and the enduring effects on their people and other indigenous communities in Australia is close to his heart. He offers respect to all the traditional custodians of this land and to their elders past and present.